Danielle Newman-Biczak

Danielle Newman-Biczak

Director Corporate Chicago

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With a background in crisis communication, Dani knows how to stay calm and pragmatic through just about anything. That’s important in a profession that is all about working with stakeholders to adapt to the accelerating pace of business.  

As West Monroe’s corporate communications leader, she ensures we communicate with employees clearly and transparently, in a manner that is consistent with our core values and employee ownership principles. This involves developing both effective messaging and the right cadence and communication approaches that engage our people. For example, her team reduced annual email volume by 16%, while increasing adoption of channels such as videos and podcasts.   

Under Dani’s leadership, the corporate communications function has become a trusted advisor to firm leadership. With her finger on the pulse of employee sentiment, Dani frequently counsels leaders on a variety of strategic and employee matters, and partners with various functions to influence all facets of the employee experience at West Monroe.  

Prior to joining West Monroe in 2016, she spent eight years consulting with public and private companies in the areas of crisis communications, corporate communications, restructuring, litigation support, and reputation management. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston University.

What makes Danielle different

Dani loves interior design and real estate, travel, exploring new restaurants, and being on the water in northern Michigan. She grew up figure skating and competed in synchronized skating internationally as well as in college. She returned to the ice several years ago as a member of an adult synchronized skating team and appreciates having a competitive passion that has continued through her life.

Where Danielle makes an impact

Every day, she challenges herself and her teams to think big and more critically – instead of just completing an ask or task at hand. Her aim is never just to get things done but to do them the best they can be.

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