Dan Stay

Dan Stay

Managing Director Energy & Utilities Los Angeles


Dan’s forward-thinking ideas and solutions create measurable impact in the critical, complex, and ever-evolving areas of energy, sustainability, decarbonization, infrastructure and vehicle electrification. He developed a new energy pricing plan that meets California’s decarbonization goals—while achieving a 75% retention rate in one utility during the process. 

Adept at synthesizing and stewarding solutions that transform businesses and markets, Dan has become a master at driving digital and business customer growth. He combines that expertise with technology acumen to drive change across the globe. For example, he contributed to building out Australia’s energy retail go-to-market strategy and plan. 

Dan’s distinctive approach to building customer success is straightforward: he maintains a constant eye on both customer experience and business process improvement. Since 2000, he has honed his capabilities, working with various consultancies to serve their keystone clients across industries. He has also built the change management expertise necessary for guiding successful transformation.

Dan joined West Monroe in 2023 from Guidehouse, where he was a director. He earned an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

What makes Dan different

Dan enjoys traveling and exploring cultures outside the country. He has visited all seven continents and speaks Spanish. Closer to home, he appreciates the amazing Southern California weather—a climate he finds favorable for golfing, glamping, and gardening—and is willing to tolerate the traffic because of it.

Where Dan makes an impact

Dan founded Six Dot Lane, which helped nonprofits connect the dots to grow and innovate. 

He is a frequent volunteer at animal shelters and the zoo—that is, when he’s not doting attention on his own four cats.

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