Dan Mackowiak

Dan Mackowiak

Managing Director Technology Los Angeles


Dan has a track record for helping clients through divestiture and merger-integration activities and does so by bringing his strong technical background to help drive quantifiable results. 

A mentor for many of his colleagues, Dan likes to take time to focus on what makes the tech team successful. He kicks off projects by helping consultants understand how it can help them with their individual career goals as well as the client’s goals.

A transparent person, Dan is willing to state the unstated, clarify assumptions, and ask difficult questions. This is all in service of ensuring everyone is always on the same page. In many difficult political clients, Dan was able to provide unbiased perspective to find unique solutions.

Dan has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and is a certified Project Management Professional.

What makes Dan different

Dan is a resident of downtown Los Angeles and works hard to share the West Monroe norms that he has learned over his extensive tenure with the firm. He finds it immensely satisfying to see the consistency and approach being applied by new team members.

Where Dan makes an impact

In his spare time, Dan volunteers with Reading to Kids, a grassroots organization that is dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading with the goal to enrich their lives and find opportunities for success in the future.

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