Cameron Cross

Cameron Cross

Director Technology Chicago

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Cameron has a focus on helping West Monroe’s clients become data-driven organizations. He leverages delivery expertise - technical delivery execution, process design, and organizational change - to bring lasting results for the clients. Cameron recently helped a large retailer launch a program that reported to more than 750 stores across the country to help drive improved sales and customer satisfaction.

Internally, Cameron is a motivator and organizer at West Monroe. He sparks excitement in the team through active planning participation in technology hackathons and knowledge-sharing workshops. Currently, he’s helping launch our Energy and Utilities tech incubator, which will define digital offerings for our utility clients.

Cameron has been with West Monroe since 2011 and has a degree in computer science from DePauw University.

What makes Cameron different

Cameron and his wife, Emily, live in the South Loop of Chicago and have a dog named Rufus. The family spends their time outdoors as much as possible. Cameron’s hometown, Woodstock, Illinois, is best known as the setting for the 1993 comedy classic, Groundhog Day.

Where Cameron makes an impact

With a passion for nature, Cameron seeks out opportunities to work in nonprofit and preservation groups. He’s excited to find new volunteer opportunities now that he’s settled at his new home in Chicago.

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