Brent Miller

Brent Miller

Director Advisory & Transformation New York

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Brent’s industrial engineering background translates to value for our clients – he’s partnered with them to identify more than $200 million in operational savings opportunities. 

He enables successful mergers and integrations of community and regional banks by simplifying transactions and redesigning future operating models that integrate the best attributes of both institutions. For example, he merged two community banks, using lean methodologies to uncover operational synergies above the stated 20% target. He also integrated a $1 billion community bank into a $10 billion community bank.  

Brent also uses his expertise to create value through better customer and employee experiences. He redesigned the client onboarding and service experience for a $250 billion super regional commercial and retail bank – enabling the institution to improve customer satisfaction while reducing manual or redundant activity by 50-80%. 

Before joining West Monroe, he held operations excellence roles for Luxottica Retail, a global leader in luxury eyewear. He earned a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. 

What makes Brent different

Brent travels to different countries every year to watch Formula 1 races. He also enjoys golf and skiing, and even more adventurous activities. He swam with a pod of 20-foot wild pilot whales off of Kauai, climbed the ice on Iceland’s Skaftafell glacier, and rolled cigars by hand in Viñales, Cuba.  

Where Brent makes an impact

He uses a scientific approach to solving business problems, which allows him to eliminate waste and elevate performance by accentuating his clients’ best features. 

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