Ben Steinbach

Ben Steinbach

Senior Manager Technology & Experience Minneapolis


Ben began his career in finance but found his calling in the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the healthcare ecosystem. His work is helping health systems elevate the experience they deliver to patients, providers, and other constituents in order to drive growth and improve performance. He led an initiative to create a new front-door experience in healthcare that generated $4 million in revenue within the first 18 months.

He has guided more than 35 design sprints aimed at solving a variety of healthcare issue—from the tactical to the strategic. His work often involves complex operational challenges such as reinventing the experience of cancer care patients.

He joined West Monroe in 2019 through our acquisition of GoKart Labs, where he spent the previous five years in product management and analyst roles. He earned degrees in accounting and philosophy from College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

What makes Ben different

Spending time working in the digital arena leaves Ben craving physical mediums. He enjoys woodworking and building furniture. He helped a local jewelry business founded by a former colleague build displays for its initial retail launch. He also has a deep love for nature and hiking and spent the last summer exploring every waterfall in Minnesota with his family.

He is incredibly enthusiastic about his work and always brings his authentic self to colleagues and clients – even the “weird” parts: He was the runner-up in a Minnesota air guitar competition and agreed to take his first consulting job only if he could spend part of his first week attending WrestleMania.

Where Ben makes an impact

He thrives in group scenarios and is adept at getting people with varied backgrounds to rally around the same cause and create solutions.

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