Adam Kerr

Adam Kerr

Senior Principal Product Experience & Engineering Lab Chicago


Software was a hobby and pastime for Adam long before it became his career. He especially enjoys projects involving financial and other complex calculations–which may explain why he has such a keen eye on creating value. He was part of a team that built a Nielsen Norman award-winning intranet that increased employee engagement with the platform from 4% to 54%. Adam also architected a municipal inventory management system that handled more than a decade and millions of dollars of daily transaction data, within $1 of the existing manual calculation. 

He is committed to software quality through strong testing and architecture patterns. His work is known for reliability and attention to detail. In fact, he firmly believes that a sense of craftmanship is critical in every line written. He has seen good design, concise code, and solid testing transform a program given up for lost into a reliable, robust application. Adam is always willing to mentor his team, showing them how a well-architected system can respond quickly to changing demands.

He joined West Monroe in 2013 from Maven Wave Partners, where he was a software consultant specializing in e-commerce and web application development. He earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in computer science from Purdue University Calumet.

What makes Adam different

He is always thinking about how things go together. When he isn’t building software, he is happiest in a garage or workshop—whether working on a car, restoring a piece of furniture, or crafting a custom treehouse for his kids. He enjoys finding hints of the past hidden in his 19th century home and his north-side Chicago neighborhood.

Where Adam makes an impact

He has a deep desire to make software development a place for everyone. He loves to volunteer or speak with any group that introduces children to technology, and he participates with That Conference, a family-friendly tech conference with a focus on inclusion. For nearly a decade, he has been an engineering judge with a group that teaches children to build underwater robots. 

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