Adam Carlton

Adam Carlton

Senior Manager Technology Chicago

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When the pressure is high and change is happening fast, Adam brings a calm and experienced presence. That’s because he has been there before – supporting a diverse array of organizations as they reinvent business, data and information strategies to drive efficiency, competitiveness and performance. For a major airline, he remediated applications and databases to adhere with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For a major pharmaceutical company, he enhanced complex master data management to enable a “golden record.” And for a large health insurer, he guided two initiatives that were key to transforming its behavioral health initiative. 

With a diverse background that includes both a corporate leadership and consulting roles, he is adept at both strategic and tactical challenges – and works effectively with both business and technology teams, from staff to the CEO. 

Prior to joining West Monroe, he spent more than 20 years in both corporate IT and consulting roles. He earned an MBA degree from Benedictine University and a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University.

What makes Adam different

Adam loves comedy and is considering acting classes. He looks to exercise, yoga, and mindfulness practice to stay in good physical and mental shape. And he finds any excuse to get outdoors - favoring warmer locales such as his favorite beach destination, Maui.  

Adam and his four children enjoy exploring downtown’s vibrant neighborhoods and parks, including the site of a highly publicized alligator incursion in 2019.

Where Adam makes an impact

He emphasizes the principle of “failing forward” – learning from mistakes and turning these lessons into stepping-stones to success. At the same time, he understands the importance of delivering quick wins to create momentum toward a viable, long-term solution. 

He enjoys mentoring colleagues and building teams. He believes in creating psychological safety on teams and in the workplace as a means of fostering the most meaningful and productive work.

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