April 6, 2017 | In the Media

West Monore receives CommunityHealth's Corporations That Care Award

West Monore receives CommunityHealth's Corporations That Care Award

West Monroe has been a proud supporter of CommunityHealth’s mission to deliver high-quality, patient-centric healthcare to those in need since 2009. Through our “1+1+1” social responsibility initiative, we have donated one percent of employee talent in pro bono and at-cost work to help CommunityHealth achieve their missions and impact in local communities.

Since the inception of the partnership, West Monroe has tapped its business and technology expertise to assist CommunityHealth in two ways: through pro bono projects that help CommunityHealth operate more efficiently and effectively, and through donated 24/7 IT help-desk and technology support services that maintain a reliable infrastructure. This includes monitoring and maintaining all CommunityHealth’s systems, networks, and back-end infrastructure. The success of the relationship between West Monroe and CommunityHealth was recognized in 2015 by Consulting® magazine for Excellence in Social and Community Investment. In addition, West Monroe was inducted in CommunityHealth’s Corporate Hall of Fame.

In 2013, William Hinde, managing director of West Monroe’s Healthcare and Life Sciences practice, joined CommunityHealth’s board of directors to help serve the organization and community in an even larger capacity.

“Social responsibility is built into West Monroe’s core values. We are committed to sharing our firm’s time and talent with CommunityHealth, to help them continue providing quality care to the uninsured and underserved in Chicago and surrounding communities,” says Hinde.

West Monroe’s work at CommunityHealth has had a two-fold benefit: 1) helping to make important process and technology changes that will enable it to serve more people, and 2) freeing budget to spend on other vital projects and staff essential to increasing its service capacity. West Monroe is proud and enthusiastic to continue its long relationship with CommunityHealth!

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