June 2021

Use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to empower your team with customer visibility

Without a 360-view of customers, financial institutions cannot provide omnichannel experiences that attract, convert, and retain clients. How can your organization use Salesforce FSC to empower your team with customer data?

Use Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to empower your team with customer visibility

Growth in business isn’t always about scale. Leaders need to find ways to create value within their current customer base. This requires an understanding of clients only possible with a holistic view — one that extends from discovery to purchase. However, in a Gartner report, analysts shared that only 5% of companies were using a 360-degree customer view to grow their business. Meaning many companies are making decisions in a vacuum, at least partially blind to true customer needs and wants. 

How are financial institutions collecting and aggregating data to gain a holistic understanding of their customers? Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is the tool of choice for banks and credit unions across the globe. It allows organizations to:

  • Easily track clients with a 360-degree view
  • Facilitate upselling products in their organization
  • Drive deposit growth
  • Improve internal transparency of client needs
  • Seamlessly integrate with middle office origination and processing systems for supplemental data

Salesforce provides important functionality for financial institutions, including world-class security, scalability, and unified systems. Applications that pay for themselves while helping your business evolve are a no-brainer. This is FSC. West Monroe views FSC as the clear leader from a value perspective and will not implement any other solutions. So, what is FSC, and how can it help your financial institution? 

FSC brings down departmental silos

High-performing teams function without silos or barriers. FSC unifies important business functions like sales, service, and business intelligence with one service — allowing teams to collaborate with unparalleled efficiency. By bringing down silos, businesses avoid the missed opportunities that come from not understanding their customers. FSC is purpose-built for banks and credit unions and comes with ready-to-use, industry-standard tools that cover:

  • Householding
  • Financial accounts
  • Document management
  • Referrals
  • Account rollups
  • Financial goals

FSC tools are fully supported by Salesforce and evolve constantly. Salesforce upgrades its applications three times per year using best practices to improve functionality, security, and usability. It’s also protected by Shield and is fully compatible with the nCino stack to provide a complete end-to-end customer experience — from lead to client to support servicing.

Nine years. This is how long the West Monroe team has been implementing, not exploring, Salesforce at financial institutions. During that time, we’ve built accelerators that ease implementation and facilitate adoption. These accelerators have created enough of an impact to inspire Salesforce to expand FSC’s functionality. 

West Monroe is uniquely positioned to provide deep experience.

After almost a decade of implementation experience, we can share insights from enterprise-spanning FSC models with your financial institution. Our experience spans platform knowledge, core platform integrations, and governance of the platform. We can help you build out master data management services that support the full client lifecycle management functions modern banking requires.

West Monroe does more than deliver software.

We understand what it takes to maximize adoption and ROI. Together, we can manage change within your business and ensure organizational adoption. What else makes us the ideal FSC partner for financial institutions? 

  • We are nCino’s leading partner with deep industry knowledge that includes technical delivery of commercial and retail LOS, treasury management, and deposit account opening.
  • We are a Salesforce Platinum Partner and members of the Financial Services Cloud advisory board.
  • We are experienced in multiple organizational structures and can design records privacy to meet industry regulations.
    • E.g., banks owned by a Canadian or EU parent org, banks with multiple LOB’s (both shared and private) 

West Monroe is invested in your success.

We start by implementing solutions that have the biggest impact and cover the most ground. This approach of casting the net wide and shallow enables you to experience value quickly. However, deep experience also allows us to apply custom solutions to projects that are stalled or struggling. Experienced with Financial Services Cloud onboarding and the know your customer (KYC) process, we take the pain out of FSC integration. Additionally, we have built-in platforms and vendor solutions (Skience) that facilitate KYC guidelines. 

Accelerated adoption and complete visibility

The time for more visibility into your customers is yesterday. Customers expect providers to anticipate their needs and adapt to where they’re at in the buyer’s journey. Only a 360-degree customer view can help you do this. West Monroe can help you accelerate FSC adoption and gain complete visibility into your customer base.

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