September 2021

Realize value faster with Express LOS

Implementing a new loan origination system takes time—which some banks don’t have. Using Express LOS can and will get you up and running faster

Realize value faster with Express LOS

Siloed technology is the enemy of efficient banking. When systems fail to work together, decision-makers can’t get a complete picture of the customer pipeline. Reporting and customer data collection also suffer. All of this makes it impossible for financial institutions to position themselves for stability and growth.  

The solution? Financial institutions need systems that can scale and interconnect with each other. Simplicity is key. If your loan origination system (LOS) can simplify your technology ecosystem, your employee and customer experience will improve. This will also help the design team create an easy-to-use interface. But getting new systems in place takes time and resources. What can you do when your team needs to get value from your LOS system quickly? 

How we pave the way for a speedy transition 

Upgrading your loan origination system is daunting. That’s why our approach ensures implementation happens quickly and that your team is primed for the change.

We implement Express LOS in four phases over a three-month period which allows your team to realize value quickly—giving you access to its benefits in about a third of the time of comparable alternatives. 

Phase 1: Kickoff and design validation

During kickoff, we’ll uncover the details of what your team wants to create and guide you through implementation. This includes leveraging our team’s years of implementation experience and an approach to system design based on more than 50 implementations. The output will be a detailed design document that takes you through the process step by step—allowing us to stick to the planned timeline of 11 to 13 weeks. 

Phase 2: Configuration and smoke testing

Phase 2 builds on the ultra-targeted design validation from Phase 1, enabling our team to immediately begin work. This quick turnaround, together with the time saved from not having to worry about deployment, greatly speeds up the timeline. We’ll also perform initial unit and smoke testing to uncover and fix any software issues and ensure the system is ready for testing and training.  

Phase 3: User acceptance testing, training, and go-live prep

Phase 3 is about ensuring your team has the right controls and the right people in place to support the launch. We’ll use this time to prepare learning and support materials, provide needed training, launch readiness assessments, and set up testing processes. It’s also when we’ll perform end-to-end scenario testing to validate functionality and integrations.  

Phase 4: Go live and transfer to support model

In the final phase, we hand off the system to your team and implement the long-term support strategy we agreed upon in earlier phases. We’ll also have a conversation about how you’ll manage the system, your in-house capabilities, and whether you’ll need additional support. 

Our goal is to make implementing a new loan origination system feasible for organizations of all sizes. Express LOS is faster and more efficient than market alternatives—allowing banks to start seeing a return on investment in less than six months. We make sure to carefully coach you through change management to support this speed. 

Change management is built in the process 

In tandem with the implementation of Express LOS, we’ll work with your team to manage the change. Change management starts with a clear vision and desired outcomes that will drive alignment with other transformation efforts and support organizational understanding and adoption. We’ll perform tasks like identifying strategic vision, success criteria, objectives, and key metrics. Your team will kick off with a project vision statement and initial key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure the value realized through this change.  

Next is assessing your readiness for change. We’ll provide your team the necessary resources to evaluate your organization’s readiness such as sample surveys, impact assessment, and check-in templates. These tools help you keep tabs on how your team is feeling and take action to sway sentiment in favor of the change—speeding up your team’s learning and development around the change in the process. 

We also provide you with the tools you need to effectively communicate change. Strategic guidance and templates will facilitate internal communications that increase awareness and understanding of the changes. You’ll also get a high-level communication plan that includes talking points to generate support for the change.  

We combine deep experience with proven tools 

Change is difficult, but our process is designed to guide you and your team through LOS implementation with minimal friction. Our team is experienced in both the banking and technology sectors with more than 150 customer experience professionals on staff. This allows us to provide a combination of industry-specific strategy, customer experience insights, technology and data tools, and proven workflows. 

We’ve worked with the nCino and its LOS system since its start, giving us a uniquely deep understanding of its product and business. This experience is always at your disposal. We’ll stick with you through your entire journey, ensuring you always have a reliable partner. If you want to explore Express LOS for your financial institution, let’s talk

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