January 2022

Optimizing your nCino cloud banking platform with a KPI mentality

Learn how West Monroe can help optimize your nCino platform to drive internal efficiency and create seamless transactions for your customers

Optimizing your nCino cloud banking platform with a KPI mentality

Banking technology has experienced massive transformation over the last decade. As a result, customers now expect features such as personalization, simple product onboarding, and rapid loan approval. Your organization likely began using the nCino banking platform not only to provide these features but also to help reach production and efficiency goals. The results when implemented and maintained correctly? Reaching those goals while increasing profits and realizing ROI. 

But what if your bank hasn’t experienced all the improvements that nCino has to offer—or your results aren’t where you believe they should be? We often see this when people and processes aren’t aligned with the technology that’s been implemented, or you haven’t enabled new features or enhancements to provide better functionality to meet goals. 

A common example occurs when a department or line of business continues to do work outside of the platform because of a perceived (or real) gap with the technology. This can lead to a lack of visibility in your end-to-end process, decreased efficiency, and unreliable data for decision-making and metrics tracking—all of which will diminish the value of your investment.  

West Monroe will help you identify any misalignment between your business processes, governance, and technology by utilizing best practices and nearly a decade of implementation experience. With this approach, we’ll help you bring your instance of nCino in line with industry and platform gold standards. 

Optimize better with broad partner expertise 

Leveraging industry experience is crucial to guaranteeing a successful nCino optimization project. West Monroe has deep experience on the nCino platform, with more than 100 completed implementations. We bring diverse, multidisciplinary teams comprised of industry, operational, and technical experts to our projects who can break down silos and create quantifiable, financial value for our clients and ensure that technology investments are being realized. 

Our assessments are quick to value, only taking three to four weeks. We analyze your current nCino implementation across people, process, and technology to uncover value creation opportunities. Successful optimization of nCino will: 

  • Improve processes that support operational efficiency 
  • Enable new features and functionality offered by nCino and Salesforce 
  • Bolster data integrity across your organization 
  • Identify customizations made to the platform that do not align with industry or platform standards  
  • Evaluate existing and potentially new integrations   

These benefits aren’t possible without a complete understanding of your current implementation. Consider how our expertise can enhance your platform, integration, and data.   

Integrated assessments powered by data 

Our fast-moving assessments help you determine your current standing by analyzing the following areas: 

  1. Strategy and initiatives. It’s important to understand how your organization’s short-, medium-, and long-term strategic initiatives impact the use of the platform and how the platform fits into your overall digital strategy. 

  2. Platform configuration and lending business process. Our goal is to bring your platform up to the nCino and industry gold standard. To that end, we perform an end-to-end process assessment that includes the front-, middle-, and back-office hand-offs, user pain points and impacts, as well as various Salesforce and nCino features (e.g. pipeline management, approval processes, portfolio management, collateral management). 

  3. Integrations and data. Trust in your data is critical to increasing user adoption. As part of our assessment, we search out any issues that impact data integrity, including those that affect data quality, accessibility, integration stability, and usability. Additionally, we assess your system’s Salesforce automation and custom development to ensure it meets Salesforce standards and is fully scalable. 

  4. Platform governance and change management. Our operations excellence team will review your current change management, communications, and training capabilities to create a comprehensive change management strategy in line with leading industry standards. Our nCino Center of Excellence frameworks provide environment and release management guidelines that we utilize in every implementation. We will leverage these frameworks to complete our assessment and provide recommendations for your governance and release management processes.   

  5. Value creation. Our value creation process is designed to help you understand your current metrics while establishing a path for improving these metrics over time to reach your organization’s goals. West Monroe will work with your financial institution’s stakeholders to gain consensus on what project success looks like and align metrics to specific value drivers. It is these value drivers and KPIs that will determine how the roadmap delivered at the end of the engagement is prioritized.  

Focusing on these five areas helps us to determine what’s needed to align the current implementation with organizational expectations and ensure that the platform is ready for future nCino releases and portfolio growth while also delivering the intended value. 

Accelerate the ROI of your nCino investment 

Optimizing nCino’s features and functionality is crucial to getting the most from your technology investment. Our people make successful optimization possible. Because of them, we’re able to provide an experienced perspective on best practices from both a platform and an industry lens—allowing you to capitalize on the success of similar projects in the industry.  

Contact us today, and we can help you identify the areas you should start analyzing right away. Let’s talk

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