March 2023

Helping banks maintain growth by blending speed with precise customization

West Monroe sees opportunity to deepen relationships and position commercial business for growth via fee-based products and services like treasury management.

Helping banks maintain growth by blending speed with precise customization

Growth is a priority for financial institution leadership, but factors like a recession and inflation make it difficult to see a path forward. Banks, especially smaller institutions, must find ways to build smarter—leveraging existing technology fully and making strategic customizations that tailor products to their unique needs—all while controlling costs.

West Monroe strives to serve banks of all sizes. We designed our treasury management offering (TM 2.0) to balance key functionality with modest implementation costs and timelines to help banks achieve sustainable growth during economic uncertainty.

Customization built on standardized assets

Off-the-shelf software is great for getting up and running quickly—but it isn’t tailored to the unique needs of your organization. If gaps aren’t filled, it can create disconnects and inefficiencies within your business processes. We accelerate the customization process by leveraging standardized packages and helping you pinpoint the areas where you need the most customization. We then help you build the foundation to improve and iterate on the technology internally.

TM 2.0 takes you through three phases: discovery, design, and build. During these phases, we document requirements, review preset designs, and begin configuration. Since we’re building on proven software, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. Consider three main ways we use TM 2.0 to speed up deployment.

  1. Visualization of the workflow. Our accelerator package allows you to demo a generic treasury service setup from start to finish so that you can visualize the workflow. Instead of starting discovery and design from scratch, we conduct a fit/gap analysis with a baseline set of requirements. Through this demo process, we identify your organization’s needs to focus on customizing the crucial features that help differentiate your bank.
  2. Pre-built design guidelines. Pre-built packages and design workbooks help you jump-start assets, which only need light customization to fit your organization’s needs. We’ve also broken out each configurable feature into its own deployable package so that you can pick and choose the features you need and avoid maintaining components that are not part of your workflow.
  3. Leverage quality tools. By leveraging quality tools that don’t need deep customization, we’re able to focus our work on the highest priority items. We take a best-practice approach where we show you how nCino is intended to work and be configured.

Speeding up integration with precision movements

Integrating new technology is daunting—especially since the experience is typically fraught with missteps and delays. Our approach accelerates your integration timeline by focusing customization where it matters most. How do we build on the momentum of TM 2.0 to reduce implementation timelines?

It starts with our high-touch collaborative approach. Although we’re accelerating the process, we don’t sacrifice proper design and discovery. That means we go through the requirement process together—allowing you to leverage our team’s expertise during these critical moments.

Using pre-built designs and forms that can be rapidly tweaked to the needs of your organization helps us speed up implementation and reduce costs. These pre-built assets are developed on the best practices for treasury management requirements and designs, so you have a solid foundation right out of the box.

A major reason why we’re able to quickly pivot to your needs is because of our strong foundation in banking, with nearly a decade of nCino implementations and professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the treasury management space. Additionally, our multidisciplinary expertise in the industry, partnership, and functional aspects of treasury management helps us maintain velocity during challenges. This experience is evident in several ways:

  • How we understand the treasury process and the nCino platform as a whole
  • Client visibility into how long it takes to complete different requests
  • How we interact with data and leverage best practices to reduce busywork

We build in change management from the start. Since technology integration is a considerable change, our approach accounts for the training needed for a successful transition. We consider essential aspects like end-user training, ongoing training material development, and redefining roles to fit the new environment. We ensure the success of your bank’s technology by empowering you with specific expertise, collaborative planning tools, and change management support.

Accelerate your path forward

High performers in any field have one thing in common: consistent, repeatable processes. These processes are evident in the way they train and work. Likewise, we’ve standardized our delivery methodology to help institutions like yours embrace the gold standard of technology workflow and configuration.

Our program is structured to guide you through the process of assessing your organization’s needs while providing essential expertise every step of the way. Learn more about how we deliver value for treasury management programs—big and small—by reaching out to one of our experts.

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