May 6, 2021 | Event

The Easy Index: How Corporates Should Evaluate Their Banks

West Monroe leaders will be speaking at New England AFP’s upcoming 35th Annual Conference for the Finance & Treasury Professional

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Thursday, May 06, 2021

11:30AM - 12:30PM EST


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West Monroe is looking forward to attending and speaking at New England AFP's 35th Annual Conference for the Finance & Treasury Professional

New England AFP is getting ready to provide you with an unprecedented lineup of experts sharing their innovations, expertise, technical acumen, leadership, and practical solutions that will instill awe to lift up your views of what is now on the horizon for this industry and the world of financial services. This virtual conference, with 24 sessions, is going to be eye opening and bold and you will hear how successful companies have survived and come through this with new technologies, new processes, revised rules and regulations and a fortitude that is astonishing, especially given the magnitude of unforeseen challenges and hurdles that faced them.

West Monroe will be leading a breakout session on day two of the virtual event.

Session Overview: 

In recent years, a West Monroe research series has found that among corporate treasury practitioners, an “easy” experience is cited as the number one factor in retaining a relationship with a bank. Our initial report detailed the difficulties corporate clients face in day-to-day interactions with their banks. As one respondent stated: “Easy means flexible.  Hard means unwavering.  Our ‘easy’ banks get all of our new business.” To be sure, improving the experience for corporate clients is a multifaceted challenge that impacts nearly every touchpoint between treasury practitioners and their bank. What is more, despite the agreement around the need to improve client experience, commonly held benchmarks have remained elusive for banks.

A 2019 follow-up to the original report detailed how corporates are measuring and evaluating bank performance in meeting treasury needs. During this interactive session using live-polling, we’ll reveal new benchmarks for how corporates measure and evaluate their banks. Practitioners will learn how peer organizations evaluate their banks, and bankers will learn how they stack up against these benchmarks.

West Monroe Session Speakers:

  • Dave Wexler, Business Development Executive, Financial Services, West Monroe
  • Sid Pattanam, Manager, Financial Services 
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