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West Monroe included in Now Tech: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021

West Monroe included in Now Tech: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021

Forrester’s Overview Of 40 Customer Analytics Service Providers 

West Monroe is proud to announce that we have been included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021. Forrester describes customer analytics service providers (CASPs) in the following way: "Customer analytics service providers help their clients transform customer data into analytical insight to optimize customer decisions and design customer-focused programs and initiatives that drive acquisition, retention, cross-sell/upsell, and improve the customer experience."

West Monroe was included with 15 other consultancies in the midsize category of the Now Tech Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2021. The Now Tech report is a non-evaluative report to overview the market segments and vendors in the market. This report is meant to help customer insights professionals understand the value they can expect from a customer analytics service provider and how to select based on size and functionality.

"Organizations today are flooded with customer data but struggle to put insights into action. When customer experience strategy is not data driven, knowing who your most profitable customers are, identifying opportunities to up-sell and promoting next generation of self-service experiences becomes a guessing game. Further, without value metrics, organizations struggle to justify an ongoing strategy to the board and the executive team," said Kaumil Dalal, Managing Director in West Monroe's Technology Practice. "West Monroe's approach to data and analytics begins and ends with value. West Monroe helps clients address Next Gen CX and Customer 360 data and analytics challenges through focus on use case prioritization, governance and value creation. Taking a use case driven and an agile approach is key to executing analytics as this approach demonstrates incremental value, helps manage change impact, and builds momentum. Across healthcare and life sciences, financial services and banking and utilities industries, West Monroe has a depth of experience delivering customer analytics solutions, leveraging common analytics approaches, strategies, and technology accelerators."

We believe West Monroe is uniquely positioned in this space. With our customer analytics offering we can help organizations identify the data that is most critical to your customer, employee, and partner experiences, build effective customer analytics and data strategies and develop capabilities that allow you to use the data you have in a way that creates market differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage.

Read the full report (subscription or purchase required) to find out more about how West Monroe was included. Want to talk to about customer analytics? Contact us


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