Aug. 22, 2017 | Press Release

West Monroe Plans to Double Workforce to Address IT Skills Gap

West Monroe Plans to Double Workforce to Address IT Skills Gap

West Monroe Partners, a leading business and technology consulting firm, announced today it plans to double its workforce over the next five years. And by the end of 2017, the firm is on target to have hired more than 200 professionals. Its hiring spree is part of an effort to address today's growing tech skills gap in business and innovation, as the firm hires professionals with an uncommon blend of deep technological expertise and business acumen.

West Monroe Partners serves hundreds of clients across the mid-market and Fortune 1000 through specialized industry practices. Its expertise in technology, with a business mindset, has fueled incredible growth: West Monroe Partners was founded in 2002 with a handful of employees and has grown at a CAGR of 35%. It currently employs nearly 1,000 nationwide.

"We designed the company to have technological underpinnings while also being the best at solving business problems," said CEO Kevin McCarty. "At many companies, business and IT people don't speak each other's languages, and that rift has affected their ability to perform at peak. The confluence of our uncommon blend starts with me, a technologist at heart, and permeates throughout the company. We've always known this blend was the right answer to the business problems our clients face."

West Monroe Partners' people-focused culture and policies consistently rank the firm as one of the best places to work in the consulting industry and in major metropolitan areas such as Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. This focus on "people first" has driven client satisfaction and project success: The firm's leadership believes employees do their best work when they are fulfilled and taken care of.

The newly created positions will cover all areas of the consulting business, from operations to project managers to strategists, adding technical, functional, and industry expertise, primarily in the healthcare, life sciences, energy, utilities, and financial services industries. Across the country, jobs will also include corporate services hires such as human resources, marketing, and finance. In candidates, the firm looks for an "uncommon blend" of deep technical expertise and business acumen, both at the individual and collective level.

Part of the firm's purpose is developing professionals that strike this uncommon blend into the next generation of leaders. Through mentorship and learning, West Monroe Partners invests significantly in talent to develop the business skills of technologists, and the technology skills of business professionals. "This investment in talent has been critical to our growth, allowing us to adapt quickly and move faster than most firms," McCarty said. "When companies have more business-minded technologists and technology-minded business people, it's a force multiplier. That is exactly why we are developing this blend within our young leaders today."

West Monroe Partners has offices in Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Seattle.

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West Monroe Partners is a progressive business and technology consulting firm that partners with dynamic organizations to reimagine, build, and operate their businesses at peak performance. Our team of more than 850 professionals is comprised of an uncommon blend of business consultants and deep technologists. This unique combination of expertise enables us to design, develop, implement, and run strategic business and technology solutions that yield a dramatic commercial impact on our clients' profitability and performance.

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