Oct. 5, 2023 | Press Release

West Monroe’s Mizu Selected as One of the New Lakehouse Accelerators for the Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerator Launch

West Monroe’s Mizu Selected as One of the New Lakehouse Accelerators for the Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerator Launch

Platform revolutionizes data, analytics, and insights for organizations worldwide

CHICAGO – October 5, 2023 – West Monroe, a leading digital services firm, today announced that its Mizu Lakehouse Accelerator is featured as one of just seven providers to be included in Databricks’ Brickbuilder Accelerators launch. This partnership will help reshape the landscape of data-driven decision-making for businesses worldwide. 

The Mizu Lakehouse Accelerator, developed and designed exclusively by West Monroe, tackles the common challenges organizations face with data management. Mizu leverages key Databricks technologies and automates repetitive data engineering tasks, significantly shortening the build phase to achieve value realization in just days. This exclusive technology has been successfully implemented across various industries to support data warehousing, master data management, machine learning/AI, and governance use cases.

The Brickbuilder Program is a cornerstone of the Databricks Partner Program, recognizing partners for their exceptional capacity to deliver distinct industry, migration, data and AI Lakehouse solutions and accelerators, paired with their knowledge and expertise. This announcement comes at the heels of Databricks expanding its Brickbuilder Program to include Brickbuilder Accelerators, collaborating with system integrator and consulting partners, like West Monroe, to provide pre-built code and data processing frameworks for quickly implementing a specific methodology or Databricks capability. The first type of Brickbuilder Accelerators to launch are Lakehouse Accelerators, like Mizu, which help customers of all sizes set up and hydrate their Databricks Lakehouse Platform in weeks, not months.

“In today’s competitive landscape, companies face the mounting pressure to embrace data-driven strategies. However, businesses often don’t know where to begin on this complex and transformative journey,” said Cory Chaplin, managing partner and head of technology at West Monroe.

Mizu provides immediate value to organizations, swiftly establishing a functional data platform and accelerating the journey towards data-driven decision-making. West Monroe's acceptance into the Databricks Brickbuilder Program provides clients with a trusted guide to successfully navigate these challenges to become digital organizations.


West Monroe has already seen success utilizing Mizu with clients, including a leading pharmaceutical company looking to modernize digital capabilities, information architecture, and leverage cloud. To do this, Mizu quickly ingested over 800 data sources to mine claims data to identify health care providers. Streamlining the commercial sales activities resulted in a 30% increase in revenue.

“At West Monroe, partnerships play an integral role in unlocking client value. Our partnership ecosystem continuously delivers cutting-edge solutions that address drivers of change. By integrating partners into foundational levels of work along with our industry expertise, we together, build unique solutions consistently and quickly,” said Casey Foss, chief commercial officer at West Monroe.

While we have been successfully leveraging Mizu with our clients, we are excited to introduce this game changing technology to the Databricks community. Our firmwide effort in the development and deployment of Mizu reflects our commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions that address our clients' critical data and analytics needs. Our data team continues to play a pivotal role in harnessing this partnership, empowering our clients to fully unlock the value of their data for sustainable growth.


West Monroe has been a longstanding partner to Databricks since 2019, leveraging the technology on over 150+ engagements firmwide across industries including healthcare and life sciences, banking, energy and utilities, consumer and industrial products, software and high-tech, private equity, and more. West Monroe’s 100+ Databricks consultants combine the firm’s expertise in business strategy, operations, technology, and industry insight with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Together, offering end-to-end accelerators that address business challenges and drive growth.

Most recently, Databricks’ Global Field CTO, Chris D'Agostino, appeared as a guest on West Monroe’s This is Digital podcast discussing how to unleash full digital potential through data democratization and the right tech stack. The firm was also a sponsor of Databricks’ 2023 World Tour event in Chicago on October 3.

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