Aug. 25, 2020 | Press Release

West Monroe Introduces Intellio® Suite: Technology that Accelerates Results from Consulting Engagements

West Monroe Introduces Intellio® Suite: Technology that Accelerates Results from Consulting Engagements

CHICAGO—West Monroe, a national business and technology consultancy, today announced the launch of its Intellio® suite of proprietary data and software tools that accelerate the value delivered from consulting engagements. Each technology-enabled tool has a track record for enabling quantifiable benefits, such as faster time to savings or lower development cost. Intellio® assets are available to West Monroe clients and are always combined with consulting services, ranging from data projects to complex mergers.

“Agility was a business imperative even before the pandemic struck. Now, as companies race to be competitive in this unfamiliar time, they must navigate complex change even faster. This is where the Intellio® suite comes in,” said Chief Strategy Officer Tom Bolger. “As a business consulting firm with technology in our DNA, it’s natural for us to use technology in innovative ways to power our offerings and help our clients get business results, quickly. Think of it as proven assets that we combine with brainpower to speed up the path to tangible results.”

The Intellio® suite currently includes five groups of assets, supporting solutions relevant to today’s business challenges and designed to deliver value faster:

  • Intellio® Connect empowers effective collaboration, seamlessly connecting parties that don’t have access to the same systems to enable them to run a workflow or process together.
  • Intellio® DataOps finds and ingests data quickly from many sources and prepares it for analysis, enabling users to make timelier, data-driven business decisions.
  • Intellio® Deliver accelerates West Monroe’s speed to delivery with industry-specific technology catalogues and data visualization techniques, among other features.
  • Intellio® Insights uses West Monroe’s proprietary data collected over time by our experts in the field to provide valuable benchmarking insights not available anywhere else.
  • Intellio® Labor tracks labor spend and calculates labor requirements, allowing employers to improve forecasting and workforce productivity.

Intellio® assets originate from ideas generated by West Monroe‘s multidisciplinary teams as they partner with clients to address specific business challenges. Through focused investment, the firm develops these ideas into proprietary intellectual property that enable our consultants to address those same challenges faster and more productively. The firm’s accelerated innovation strategy, announced in February 2019, increased funding for evaluating, testing, and developing employee-generated ideas into consulting assets.

“Intellio® reflects the power of the innovative ideas that come from our talent-rich consulting organization. These innovations fill gaps in the marketplace where commercial, off-the-shelf software isn’t available, scalable, or advanced enough to produce the desired impact,” said Tyson Hartman, senior director of innovation. “Our strategy encourages continuous ideation, testing, and development of new ways to deliver complex change faster and more efficiently. We will add additional types of assets to the Intellio® suite as market needs evolve.”

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