July 20, 2023 | Webinar

Getting Strategic with AI

The challenge now is: how can manufacturers become more strategic in their use of AI, move to the next stage in their AI activities and scale projects for greater returns?

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Getting Strategic with AI

The new Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC) study about artificial intelligence, as a part of MLC’s Manufacturing in 2030 Project, reveals that a majority of manufacturers are underway with AI pilot projects in areas such as production, IoT data analysis, preventive maintenance, quality management, and supply chain management. But only 29% have so far elevated AI initiatives into formal plans or strategies.

Watch now to hear West Monroe’s David McGraw and other industry leaders speak on how manufacturers can move to the next stage and create greater returns and uncover solutions to become more strategic with AI.

David McGraw

West Monroe speaker: David McGraw

A senior manager, David leads our Industry 4.0 initiative for the Consumer & Industrial Products practice nationally. David is also West Monroe's Gen AI COE Industry Lead. 

"Imagine an AI that not just 'does', but 'thinks' and 'creates'. Welcome to the future of manufacturing with Generative AI." - David McGraw

How Generative AI is empowering manufacturers and revolutionizing data monetization

Generative AI tools are raising the competitive stakes—requiring manufacturers to embrace the discipline with greater urgency.


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