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Welcome to The Conduit: A blog for YOU about product and tech

Welcome to The Conduit: A blog for YOU about product and tech

At West Monroe, we live at the intersection of technology and business. So much so that we’re obsessed with demystifying technology for the executive (aka business) audience—because it’s a critical part of helping organizations evolve and become more digital.  

But we don’t often get to showcase in detail just how deep we go in tech, product, and design. And excitingly, that’s what we’re about to do.  

The Conduit is a new space to share our expertise with you. Not only do we know how and why technology and digital products are critical for the future of your business—we know how to build, design, code, and manage it.  

3 reasons to read The Conduit  

1. You need to see this stuff!  

It’s easier to understand something when you can see it. It’s not enough to have the answer—showing how you got there is way more important. (At least, that’s what my daughters’ math homework tells me.) And that goes for digital products and technology, too. Simply, we want to show our work and share it with you and your team so they can learn something new, adopt something quicker, or just get inspiration.    

2. You get to learn from really nice and really smart people 

I have the privilege of working directly with our insanely talented product and technology professionals at West Monroe—now you get to, as well. What’s more: They’re really fun and really nice. They’re not the kind of people who hide behind their computers and hand over code to be implemented no questions asked—they are thinkers, teachers, tinkerers, and most importantly, humans. Learning from human to human is a huge part of our philosophy in building effective products and technology, so you will see a lot of that on this blog.  

3. You’ve told us: Deep tech and product expertise matters.  

When we’re building something cool with clients, we don’t outsource it. We have the technologists and engineers in-house to bring amazing ideas and enhancements to life. These professionals are good at what they do. They bring it. Now, they get to bring it to the world—showing how they simplified a complex problem, how they had an “aha” moment with a particular set of code, or how they tried a new technology.   

Simply put, The Conduit is a place to learn and test ideas. For the product manager. The developer. The cloud architect. The digital designer. And all the other talented individuals who bring amazing ideas to life. 

Get started by reading these posts: 

We hope you enjoy applying these ideas in your everyday work. Make sure to bookmark The Conduit and follow West Monroe on social media so you never miss a post.  

And please let us know what you think! Reach us anytime at content@westmonroe.com

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