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Core Replacement: How Banks are Replacing Their Cores

Ready to take the leap and replace your bank’s core? Know your options and set yourself up for future digital success—today

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Core Replacement: How Banks are Replacing Their Cores

Core replacements, while done selectively by banks and financial institutions, are increasingly considered as the need for better access to data, supporting digital customer interactions, and differentiating through digitally native products and services increases across the industry. 

Coupled with these driving forces is also an explosion of core vendors and options banks may consider as they move to modernize and convert their cores. With an increasing number of alternative options expanding services—and even some standard core providers offering new solutions—the replacement process may soon look more manageable. 

This downloadable report delves into why and how some banks have moved to replace their cores, the strategies for success, how to get buy-in at your bank, and what to ask potential core providers. 

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