July 25, 2023 | Podcast

This is Digital, Special Episode: Best of Season 2

A look back at our favorite moments from the second season

About the episode

In this special episode, we’ve compiled some of our favorite moments from Season 2. Our host, Rissa Reddan, shares her takeaways from this season and previews season 3.


Rissa Redan

As West Monroe’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rissa Reddan leads a team of more than 30 in corporate marketing, industry marketing, client marketing, and marketing services roles whose work directly influences the firm’s strategy and industry-leading growth rate. She directly leverages her entrepreneurial spirit and background to innovate and lead.

In our second season of This is Digital, we asked our guests to share their digital transformation stories, tips, tricks, and advice on being more digital. We sat down with some fascinating and inspiring guests to discussed everything from AI to the current economy to applying a digital mindset in various industries and what that looks like. 

Enjoy some of our favorite moments from the show and see how you can apply being digital in your own organization. 


What are your thoughts on AI and its impacts on the workforce – for both employees and employers? 

How have innovators like Amazon changed customer expectations in all industries? 

We know that innovation is the key to unlocking great potential, but how do companies know what the right starting point is?

Where should you begin when approaching a problem?

What is a key part of shift left in your opinion?

This is Digital

West Monroe's team of experts and guests pull back the curtain on how to build digital throughout an organization. Through real-world examples, you will learn how to spot digital transformation in real life, and how to make small decisions every day that make a big impact on growth.

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