Will Collins

Will Collins

Senior Architect Product Experience & Engineering Lab Seattle


Will excels in working with business leaders to deliver measurable value for enterprise technology projects. For example, he served as the technical lead for a project in the country’s busiest port region that reduced emissions by 90%. Part of this project entailed managing the largest commercial trucking database in the United States. 

He also personally managed a channel marketing program that delivered $2.6B worth of incentives and rebates to the partners of large software and hardware companies.  

Will’s 25+ years of experience in various IT roles allows him to see how well used architectural patterns can solve business problems in many different industries. This expertise also allows him to recognize and communicate long term impacts of technical design decisions. His experience includes software development, software development management, and architecture.  

Will earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington. He maintains AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Developer certifications and has many years of experience designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure.

What makes Will different

Will loves to travel and maximizes the airline miles he earns as a consultant to travel the world. Most recently, he went on an African safari. He lives with his wife, mother-in-law, and rescue Chihuahua mix in West Seattle.

Where Will makes an impact

Will is a people-focused leader who cultivates teamwork and leadership on his teams. Both clients and team members benefit from teams that work well together, but he believes that cultivating leaders who feel accountable for our clients’ success creates breakthrough results.

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