Reva Busby

Reva Busby

Senior Manager Intellio® Labs Chicago


Reva likes to test big ideas and learn from them. It’s not surprising, then, that she built our innovation program and continues to guide its expansion and impact. She collaborated with West Monroe’s marketing team to develop coordinated branding for various proprietary delivery assets—creating the Intellio® suite. She is a founding member of a new business unit, Intellio® Labs, a team focused on commercializing our most impactful and innovative assets where she leads both the product and operations functions.

Our innovation program awards up to 1% of our total revenue annually, funding 24 internal innovation teams. It has delivered a 400% return on investment since inception in 2017. Three of the four current Intellio® Labs assets came through the innovation program under her guidance. One—Intellio® DataOps—is used at 19 clients to integrate more than 200 systems and produce more than 800 reports.  

Her blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and operations experience suits her well for these and other unique roles she has launched at West Monroe. She has since passed the torch for many of those roles to others, providing new leadership opportunities for her colleagues.  

She joined West Monroe in 2006 after earning a degree in industrial and enterprise systems engineering from the University of Illinois. She is a Project Management Professional® who spent 10 years leading business transformation, organizational change management, and system implementation projects for clients before turning her attention toward accelerating West Monroe’s organic growth.

What makes Reva different

Much of her time away from work involves tea parties, art projects, puzzles, and play time at the nearby Lake Michigan beaches with her three daughters and husband. She also plays guitar and enjoys cooking, beach yoga, and house renovation projects.

Where Reva makes an impact

She enjoys helping others shine and grow—another reason she relishes her role coaching and supporting West Monroe’s biggest ideas. 

She is also passionate about fostering a strong workplace community. She has long been involved in our unique “Chiefs” program, which enables employees to create and lead workplace initiatives that match their interests and engage colleagues. She was the first chief family event officer. In addition, West Monroe’s famous 4 O’Clock Rocks originated while she was on the social committee, and she planned six consecutive holiday parties starting in 2007.

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