Jay Herratti

Jay Herratti

Board Member


Jay has a long-standing passion for all things digital, as well as years of experience as a board director, strategist, and senior leader. That’s what makes him such a good fit for West Monroe’s Board of Directors.   

As CEO and Executive Director of TED Conferences LLC, a not-for-profit conference and digital media organization devoted to bringing ideas worth spreading to communities all over the world, Jay drives companies to growth and sustainable success. His expertise has helped CEOs and companies detect emerging patterns and home in on disruptive opportunities by cultivating focus, direction, and confident decision-making. And his deeply collaborative and encouraging manner has inspired leaders and organizations to expand the definition of what is possible to achieve new levels of success.  

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Vimeo, a digital video SaaS company, and is a past board member of Constant Contact, Inc., a SaaS email marketing company, and Nutrisystem, Inc. 

Jay joined TED in 2014 as executive director of TEDx—helping the organization grow and evolve its business model, while applying technology and digital systems to unlock the full potential of TED’s global community. He previously held leadership positions at IAC, CityGrid Media, HSN, Federated Department Stores, The Boston Consulting Group, and GE Capital. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Maryland and an MBA from INSEAD. 

What makes Jay different

Combining stubborn optimism, a drive for innovation, and a problem-solving focus, he has created and implemented new business models and delivered game-changing insights to consumer, media, and digital technology companies representing some of the world’s best known digital brands.   

Where Jay makes an impact

Nearly a decade into working with TED, he never fails to be moved and inspired by the passion and personal stamp of the global TED community of speakers, partners, and volunteers —and by the positive impact this unique community makes on people’s lives around the world. As CEO of TED, he has a deep personal commitment to continue building the platform that enables them to do so. 

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