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West Monroe’s Madison Myers named a 2023 Built In Moxie award winner

West Monroe’s Madison Myers named a 2023 Built In Moxie award winner

West Monroe is proud to announce that Madison Myers, a senior manager in the firm’s Technology practice, has been named a 2023 Built In Moxie award winner. Built In’s Moxie Awards honor rising women in tech for their outsized contributions — skills, leadership, and accomplishments — to their places of work, communities, and the industry as a whole.

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“It is no surprise that Madison has been named a 2023 Built in Moxie award winner,” said Cory Chaplin, leader of West Monroe’s technology practice.

Madison exemplifies Moxie, not just in her know-how as a data and analytics expert helping our clients become digital by harnessing their data to become data-driven, but also through her outsized passion, energy, and courage to take on and solve difficult challenges, and her commitment and determination to uplifting other women. Thanks, Madison, for all you do and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.


As a senior manager in West Monroe’s Technology practice, Madison specializes in Data Engineering & Analytics. She has over nine years of experience working in the data analytics and visualization space and is passionate about using analytics to help her clients become more data driven. She has provided technical assistance to clients across a range of industries including healthcare and banking.  If there’s one thing that energizes Madison more than anything else, it is empowering the next generation of women leaders to find and use their voices to achieve their aspirations. As the Chicago Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) Co-Lead and a WLN Career Champion Mentor, she deliberately spends her time formally and informally coaching colleagues across the firm. Madison is also passionate about supporting her women peers in the technology practice, ensuring project teams include diverse experiences, backgrounds, and ideas.

The 2023 Moxie Awards celebrate women who are likely to ascend to the pinnacle of their careers in tech — and who are already on their way — rather than honoring C-suite or VP-level leaders. This may include people with titles like director, individual contributor, manager — or any role with room to rise. “Moxie” is defined as a combination of courage, determination, energy and know-how. When it comes to recognizing women in tech, we know that these are the qualities that drive them — and the qualities worth celebrating.

Each nomination was reviewed by a panel of tech leaders whose identifying information is redacted to reduce bias. Built In chose to represent women rising in their careers who are creating change from the ground floor of tech. The result is an impressive line-up of visionaries who have broken barriers to shape a bright future of technical excellence and inclusivity for women and other demographics in this industry. One hundred women, including Madison, were selected as Moxie award winners out of nearly 800 nominations. 

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