Cyber Incident Response & Recovery

Incident Response. More than just forensics.

In the wake of a cybersecurity event, you need to know what malicious activity happened, how it happened, and how to mitigate its effect. That’s where our incident response and recovery team can help.

Our approach? To work with you to understand how your business operates, then execute the most efficient path to resuming revenue-generating activities. Fast.

That’s important because the nature of attack is changing. High business interruption claims are shifting the industry to focus on infrastructure recovery. While forensics are deeply important in data breach scenarios, in business interruption claims, a rapid response and recovery approach can save you time and money.

Our skilled, multidisciplinary team of technology, cybersecurity, and industry experts understands enterprise IT from an operations perspective. Our background in M&A IT carveout execution gives us the insight you need to quickly evaluate IT systems, and design improvements.

In addition to working with your forensics partner or our forensics team, West Monroe offers dedicated response teams comprised of infrastructure specialists and available to quickly react to an incident. Drawing on our experience of recovering from these events, we work with your IT team to prioritize recovery of systems that support the most critical operations, and accelerate restoration of the overall IT environment. We act as incident command, engaging your board and executives to create buy-in, and we project-manage technical recovery efforts, remaining on site until the business returns to normal—in many cases, in a more resilient position than before the incident.

Results You Can Expect

West Monroe can help minimize the impact to an organization from a cybersecurity incident:

  • Business interruption
  • Brand value erosion
  • Competitive encroachment
  • Financial and share price degradation
  • Increased risk for lawsuits and class actions

By responding quickly, and with a dedicated and experienced team, organizations can recover from an incident—and minimize current and future exposure.

Analyze security incidents faster with Intellio® Hunt

West Monroe’s Cyber Incident Response and Recovery offering is powered by Intellio® Hunt, which allows our forensics teams to assess an incident faster and more completely, helping you prevent secondary attack. Intellio® Hunt helps us quickly collect and analyze the massive amounts of data required to assess the breach. The result? You know exactly what occurred, so you can get your business operations back online—faster and with confidence. 

Learn more about West Monroe’s Intellio® suite of assets that deliver results, faster.

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What We Offer

We can augment your internal teams with skilled incident responders, whose deep technical expertise can help you manage the incident, and restore business operations—fast.

Response and Forensics

Initial incident triage, attack vector identification, containment plan development, and executive/external communications


Execution planning; network, server, and workstation rebuild; cybersecurity tool implementation; and proactive environment enhancements

Onsite resources

  • Incident commanders to lead investigation and recovery activities
  • Security and infrastructure architects to provide insights into malware mitigation tactics and IT operations
  • Infrastructure engineers for execution of developed recovery plan
  • Security engineers for response tool tuning
  • 24/7 monitoring capability

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