Amazon Connect

Improve customer satisfaction with a call center solution built on Amazon Connect

Customer preferences are always changing. Businesses that constantly adapt have contact center systems that are flexible enough to pivot quickly and handle new requests and opportunities.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your current system integrate easily with other contact center tools?
  • Is it intuitive and easy for your agents to use?
  • Can it leverage new technologies such as A.I., machine learning, and virtual assistants as they become available? 

If not, a solution built on Amazon Connect may be right for your business. Our experts can help get you started. 

West Monroe can help you take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Amazon Connect to establish more effective, flexible contact center operations. 

Our Expertise

  • Amazon Connect viability assessments 
  • Environment design, setup, and preparation 
  • Contact center workflow build, configuration, and testing 
  • Agent training 
  • Ongoing, post-migration managed services 
  • Virtual assistant and chatbot development 
  • Systems integration and data analytics 

How We Work

  • Accelerate speed to market: Our team of industry experts know how to quickly and efficiently optimize your contact centers leveraging Amazon Connect. 

  • Measure and improve KPIs: Our approach focuses on delivering quantifiable results by improving call center metrics, including:

    • CSAT

    • First call resolution

    • Average handle time

    • Call deflection & self-service

    • Top call reasons/customer issues 


  • Improve customer experience: We’ll help you leverage your customer data to provide a tailored contact center experience for your customers building customer loyalty. 

  • Decrease employee attrition: We’ll work with you to standardize and optimize your call center processes, resulting in a predictable employee experience and reduced employee attrition. 

  • Change management and adoption: Amazon Connect investments only pay off if they’re adopted. We can help you build a culture of change early in the process to ensure long-term value is created by the work we do together. 

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