Bill Kirst

Bill Kirst

Senior Principal People & Productivity Seattle

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As a change management expert, Bill Kirst leads organizations through change with compassion and care. He has worked across a breadth of industries and has helped dozens of clients achieve transformational goals.

Bill brings a passion into his work every day, where his drive for excellence helps both his clients and colleagues. He specializes in leading vision and value workshops with executives, helping them empower their employees and enact positive change for millions of customers.

Bill joined West Monroe in 2015 from the University of Washington, where he was an organizational change and training manager for the university’s HR & Payroll Workday Project—an enterprise-wide, multi-year modernization project that affected 54,000 system users.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree from Georgetown.

What makes Bill different

Bill’s passion for creativity and innovation runs over into his podcast, Coffee & Change, where his guests share insights on managing change in their daily lives. He’s a creative writer, a storyteller, and a polyglot, having studied six languages during his international travels. He currently resides in Seattle and focuses on wellness and mindfulness in his daily life. Bill is a U.S. Army veteran having served 10 years as a reserve officer in the United States Army. Bill is actively involved in numerous veterans’ programs working with minority veterans and those dealing with PTSD.

Where Bill makes an impact

Bill values giving back to his alma mater, which is why he sits on the Johns Hopkins University Alumni Council & Board, where he serves as the Digital Outreach and Communications Chair. He is also a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals and is a recent recipient of West Monroe’s Sequoia Award for Mentorship.

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