Steven Michalkow

Steven Michalkow

Senior Manager High-Tech & Software Chicago

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SaaS and software subscription services are in high demand, and Steven is at the helm – steering clients to success. For a major telecom networking firm, he developed a plan for introducing disruptive new offerings. The client is now on its way toward capturing a four-year, $2 billion opportunity and taking the lead in its space. He also directed the complex integration of a 2,200-person services organization, which included transforming customer engagement and capacity planning.  

His experience spans all aspects of SaaS transformation, including go-to-market planning, services delivery, account management and customer success, support, and product management.  

Prior to joining West Monroe, he performed economic and commercial liability, damages, and valuation analyses for financial institutions and other organizations. He earned bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from the University of Chicago.

What makes Steven different

Steven is a bibliophile and cinema lover par excellence. He finished his home library room to house the 2,000 books and 3,000+ movies he has accumulated in his collection, and he regularly provides his team with top-ten movie lists by theme. He is the founder and emeritus editor of a literary journal and podcast that is still going strong – and he hopes one day to return to it.  

If he’s not watching a movie or reading a good book, he is likely taking a long hike through the forest preserves near his house.

Where Steven makes an impact

He loves researching and tinkering. He can quickly grasp a new industry or concept and understand what makes it work and how it can work better. Steven contributed to developing our High Tech & Software practice, participating in the design of several offerings and methodologies. He co-developed a customer experience-focused approach that employs customer journey mapping to chart change. More than a half dozen software clients have benefitted so far – collectively generating $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

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