Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Senior Principal Product Experience & Engineering Lab Minneapolis


Scott leads teams in mapping user value to business outcomes and ideating product solutions that deliver results. He led the design, development and release of a custom call center application for a Fortune 10 healthcare organization that reduced average call-handling time by 61 seconds. That translated to $150,000 in labor savings during the first six months of operation. Just as important, agents loved the new experience.  

You’ll find Scott by the white board, drawing an artifact intended to engage clients and product team members and gain traction for the idea, initiative, or issue at hand. He is skilled at connecting the dots, empowering others, finding the upside, and leading through the downside.  

He joined West Monroe in its 2019 acquisition of GoKart Labs, where he was a senior product owner, responsible for delivery of digital products in the healthcare, education, and financial services industries. Previously, he held several global retail operations and market entry roles with Best Buy. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, and management information systems from Augsburg College.

What makes Scott different

He is a greenhorn green thumb, working on expanding his perennial flower garden. An asthmatic since birth, he has overcome a belief that he could not run to become an accomplished marathoner who has completed multiple marathons in under three hours. 

Where Scott makes an impact

He makes an impact by mapping outcomes to outputs, helping team members understand the “why” behind the “how” He also makes a point to create a safe space for everyone to contribute, not just the extroverts. He says “To be clear,” “Say more about that,” and “Yes, and…” a lot. 

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