Raul Cevallos

Raul Cevallos

Senior Principal Operations Dallas


Gifted in the craft of change, Raul aligns business strategy, culture, capabilities, organization design, and leadership with desired results—always with a focus on creating value. His work delivers tangible gains in efficiency, productivity, and return on investment. For instance, he led the change management strategy to migrate 60,000 employees in 80 countries to a modern communication and collaboration platform. The transformation reduced travel and living expenses by 30% and improved productivity by an average of two to three hours per week, per person. 

Complexity doesn’t faze Raul. That’s because his diverse experience includes creating and running CMOs and PMOs for some of the largest global CRM, ERP, business intelligence, and digital transformation initiatives. He built a Change Management office from the ground up to support deployment of a $135 million business intelligence/cloud portfolio for more than 300 clients and 35,000 users worldwide.  

He is passionate about creating new methods and playbooks, developing talent, and coaching C-level executives on their role as change agents. He has been a keynote speaker at several change management conventions.   

Prior to joining West Monroe, he worked with Nielsen, IBM, and PwC. He earned a degree in information management from Instituto Ecuatoriano de Informatica.

What makes Raul different

Fluent in three languages, including Spanish and Russian, he has worked in nearly 40 countries— experience that instilled unique perspectives about the complexities and value of globalization, culture diversity, inclusion, and equity. He loves photography and capturing epic stories with his drone. He also appreciates that the Dallas climate affords him the opportunity to bike almost year-round.

Where Raul makes an impact

He teaches Bible studies every day at 6 a.m. for a group of 20 local children. He is also part of a volunteer organization that provides free photography services for families with terminal cancer patients.

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