Pramit Rath

Pramit Rath

Senior Principal Customer Experience Chicago

Banks that commit to modern, cloud-based businesses processes are winning competitive advantage. Pramit has a hand in that, making sure they are on a rapid path to success. For example, he led an initiative to modernize the lending platform for a regional bank that increased non-mortgage consumer loan volume by 30% while also saving the bank $2 million per year.  

He is passionate about using assets that shorten the timeframe for implementingand reaping the benefits of--new technology. He has led many nCino commercial lending initiatives that reduce loan processing time by 30%. 

He strongly believes in the power and value of a collaborative work environment and that project success comes from the ability to tap the best from each member of the team.  

He joined West Monroe from Deloitte Digital. Previously, he held several management roles with Tata Consultancy Services, with a primary focus on Salesforce and nCino solutions for the financial services sector. He earned an MBA degree from The Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.

What makes Pramit different

An avid long-distance runner, he completed the Cleveland Marathon in 2019. He also enjoys editing videos for his son’s YouTube channel and traveling the world to learn about different cultures, histories, and lifestyles. He is a keen observer of stock market movement, an active option and momentum trader, and once ran a hedge fund.

Where Pramit makes an impact

He is actively involved in community programs, organizing events that enable the youth in his area to experience dual cultures. He also volunteers with his local food bank.

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