Pablo Alejo

Pablo Alejo

Managing Director Product Experience & Engineering Lab Dallas


Pablo constantly seeks to uncover hidden truths that prevent clients from success by using a human-centered approach to solve real challenges. He partnered with a national dental chain to improve online bookings and by rethinking the in-office experience—with his work shifting the majority of bookings online. This improved online appointment conversion by over 20% annually for more than five years and drove $300 million in revenue from digitally sourced new patients.  

As a veteran of the innovation age, Pablo has seen every major digital trend come and go and considers himself fortunate to have been a part of all of them. From the first websites to immersive mobile experiences and beyond-screen experiences, he has been there and led that. 

He joined West Monroe in 2022 from Accenture, where he was a Design and Innovation leader. Previously, he spent nearly 20 years in creative and technology roles within advertising before transitioning to consultancies. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Western Carolina University.

What makes Pablo different

He considers himself a father before anything else for his three sons, who are currently all over the world. He loves to travel, road-trip, and find long-forgotten small towns, roadside diners, and remote destinations. This year, he and his partner will embark on a cross-country journey, dubbed the Grand Tour, where they will live in a new city every month for a year before setting some new roots.  

He won an Emmy for leading a team that launched the digital experience for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Where Pablo makes an impact

He is a firm believer in the philosophy, “Together we are more.” This philosophy allows him to cross-departmental and disciplinary divides that normally keep progress from happening and bring people together to achieve greatness.  

He continues to mentor colleagues for years after working with them and loves seeing where their journeys take them. He believes that everyone is a Michael Jordan at something and has a passion for helping unleash their inner Jordan on the world.

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