Mike Geier

Mike Geier

Senior Manager Marketing, Sales & Service Chicago

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Across industries, companies seek to unlock the power of Salesforce, and Mike can help them do it – with mission-defining initiatives that produce transformative results. He helped a multinational financial institution consolidate more than 10 home-grown systems on the Salesforce platform, lowering maintenance costs by $1 million and significantly reducing data security risks. 

His work is all about understanding and engaging customers – so it’s no surprise that he brings this philosophy to his own client relationships. He is known for his innate ability to listen and translate client needs into visions for success. In a previous role, he developed and championed a vibrant customer community with more than 1,000 active members.

To each new business challenge, he brings broad industry experience, knowledge of SaaS solutions, and deep Salesforce platform expertise, as well as an approach focused on making sure solutions are well-aligned with business goals. His personal formula for success includes culture-building collaboration, strategic prioritization, and iterative innovation. 

He joined West Monroe from Fusion Risk Management, where he was a senior vice president of strategic engagement. Earlier in his career, he held consulting and solution architect roles focused on Salesforce.com and CRM solutions. He earned a bachelor’s degree from New York University and a master’s degree in economics from City College of New York.

What makes Mike different

Mike is an avid sailor and traveler who never tires of exploring the world and always has the next trip planned. He has lived abroad several times and on a desert island in the Caribbean for the summer. When he isn’t on the move, he is usually hosting friends and family for food, laughs, and games. 

Where Mike makes an impact

Mike is a strong proponent of creating reusable toolsets in order to deliver value faster. He is passionate about culture and team building and makes sure the people working with him are reaching their personal goals. 

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