Matt Kosovec

Matt Kosovec

Senior Architect Intellio® Labs Chicago

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Matt is always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what a business thinks is possible. He helped a commercial maintenance services holding company design, build, and implement an enterprise data and integration strategy that facilitated the acquisition of more than 35 companies—which paved the way for the company to double its revenue over a 24-month period.  

He has spent the majority of his career helping clients navigate the ever-changing technology landscape around data engineering, analytics, and software architecture frameworks – always approaching challenging issues with new ideas or approaches that break conventions.  

He has a particular ability to match technical ideation with financial metrics, support, and models. It is this acumen that led him to participate in launching Intellio® Labs, whose charter is to build software solutions that accelerate or increase the value we deliver to clients.  

Matt earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at the Ross School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. 

What makes Matt different

A former nationally-ranked tennis player, he took his club team to the national championships every year. He chose not to play tennis collegiately, but he still enjoys some local competition. He spends the majority of his time away from home with family and friends in Northern Michigan, taking advantage of the lakes in all seasons – although he also loves exploring new cultures overseas.  

At home, he enjoys video games, board games, and reading fantasy novels, as well as cooking. He and his wife like living in Chicago’s West Loop because of its access to some of the best ingredients and restaurants in the country. Their two cats, Shio and Shoyu, are named after their favorite ramen meals.

Where Matt makes an impact

As a mentor, he focuses on encouraging others to get out of their comfort zones and explore either new industries or subjects. He believes a great way to grow both professionally and personally is to push your own boundaries and find new and engaging challenges to tackle head on.

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