Matt Johnson (MJ)

Matt Johnson (MJ)

Senior Partner Product Experience & Engineering Lab Minneapolis


MJ helps clients see what’s possible and pushes them to think beyond their current assets and capabilities. This introduces them to a future that includes better products, more productive people, and a more effective operation. Using his experience building, launching, and scaling startups, MJ helps fundamentally change existing companies for the better. He recently led a multi-year transformation of a marquee product within a Fortune 10 company that increased sales, built happier teams, and created significantly faster production iteration.

A creative realist and focused on action, MJ focuses on what people actually want. He doesn’t care for buzzwords and jargon. He values action and outcomes over discussing hypotheticals.

MJ joined West Monroe in 2019 in its acquisition of GoKart Labs, a digital product studio specializing in the invention, design, development and growth of digital consumer experiences. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recognized MJ as one of its “40 Under 40” in 2017. He has a degree in Economics from Saint John’s University.

What makes Matt different

MJ considers himself a recovering musician. After touring the country professionally for years (playing more than 1,500 shows), he has happily settled down with his partner, Jackie, and their daughter. The family lives in Minneapolis, where they take advantage of the outdoors during all four seasons mountain biking, skiing, or chasing their daughter around the lakes.

Where Matt makes an impact

MJ is the co-chair of the AdoptAClassroom board, a 20-year-old non-profit that is focused on eliminating the teacher-funded classroom.

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