Keith Swiat

Keith Swiat

Senior Architect Cybersecurity New York

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Starting from the belief that security is attained, not obtained, Ken helps clients identify their greatest strategic risks and then partners with them to strengthen their security to support their business objectives. This impacts system controls, policies, and procedures surrounding access, segregation of duties, monitoring procedures, and more.  

Keith’s broad cybersecurity experience acquired over 25 years includes governance, threat modeling, cloud security, incident response, data breach forensics, penetration testing, application development, social engineering, and cryptography. He also has extensive domestic and international regulatory exposure in areas such as GDPR/Safe Harbor, ISO 27002, NIST-800, NY DFS 500 23, HIPAA, FERPA, NERC/CIP, DFARS, PCI-DSS/PA-DSS/P2PE/PTS, COBIT, and SANS. His technical expertise spans current security tools, as well as all major languages, web technologies, and operating systems. 

What makes Keith different

Keith may be part of the larger West Monroe cybersecurity team, but he spends most of his time in M&A transactions. You will also find him sporting some pretty unique pocket squares.

Where Keith makes an impact

A seasoned public speaker, Keith is adept at engaging and educating audiences about cybersecurity. He furthers the understanding and application of cybersecurity best practices through professional communities and organizations.

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