Greg Layok

Greg Layok

Managing Partner Technology Chicago


Greg is instrumental in bringing to life West Monroe’s unique approach combining technology expertise, industry knowledge, and operational savvy in new ways to harness value for our clients and get results, faster. Under Greg’s leadership, our rapidly growing technology team has expanded to represent a diverse set of competencies. But more importantly, Greg knows how to build teams—both inside West Monroe and with client organizations—needed to realize impact from digital initiatives.  

As a managing director and the head of West Monroe’s Technology practice, Greg drives digital transformation at the intersection of business and technology. With a broad range of experience and obsession with tangible value, he prides himself on bringing a high-level, strategic mindset to major business problems and very quickly turn it into actionable progress and financial value. 

As a consultant, Greg is also passionate about helping his clients bring technology and business strategy together within their own organizations. Greg believes that when technology leaders are not at the table, they are at a disadvantage. He guides his clients to reject silos and integrate their technology and business strategies to accelerate growth, impact, and results.

What makes Greg different

Greg’s curiosity drives him to read constantly, mostly on the cutting edge of technology and behavioral economics. He believes technology has advanced faster than society’s ability to understand it and spends a lot of time researching and thinking about technology’s impact on global issues. These interests lead him to author many of West Monroe’s research-based thought leadership pieces.

Where Greg makes an impact

In his time at West Monroe, Greg has helped clients launch digitally driven customer loyalty programs, create collaboration tools for digital employee experiences, and advance their journey into analytics and AI. Throughout his career, he has helped businesses create digital operating models and launch new ventures, some of which turned into over $100 million businesses.

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