Filip Szalewicz

Filip Szalewicz

Senior Architect Technology Chicago

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Filip is on a mission to create order out of chaos. He does that by using his extensive expertise in engineering automation, machine learning, organizational transformation, and big data systems to help companies grow revenue, reduce costs – often by millions of dollars – and become digital-first businesses.  

He excels at building engineering teams, software solutions and ecosystems efficiently, with minimal investment and record time to market. He has engineered scores of data-centric systems for Fortune 100, medium and small organizations, using a wide spectrum of technology stacks. For example, he built a cutting-edge system for securing monetary transactions over the internet, resulting in multiple patents. And he has created and grown several boutique software development businesses.  

Clients and colleagues appreciate his technical expertise, engineering leadership, people development skills, strategic thinking, startup experience, creativity to build something out of nothing, and ability to move mountains in the face of adversity – always getting it done no matter the circumstances.  

Prior to joining West Monroe, he spent four years as a data science team leader with Quicken Loans. He also has a decade of experience as a chief technology/information officer for several organizations. He holds a degree in computer information systems from Oakland Community College and is currently working toward a degree in information systems management from the University of Phoenix.

What makes Filip different

For fun, he enjoys activities as diverse as working on artificial intelligence, reading, riding motorcycles (both touring and dirt bikes), playing guitar and drums, skydiving, martial arts, spicy foods, flying planes, boating, skiing, studying alternative concepts in philosophy, history, archaeology, and politics—and pretty much anything that someone else thinks is difficult to do. He once rode a dirt bike across the 100-mile White Rim trail in Utah without another human being in sight.

Where Filip makes an impact

An energetic leader, he likes to empower people to be their best. His diverse background across multiple industries, roles, and company sizes has refined his understanding of and ability to deliver high-value solutions.

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