Eric Marks

Eric Marks

Senior Partner Financial Services New York

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As West Monroe’s East Coast Financial Services leader, Eric is responsible for practice strategy and growth in the local market. He has built trusted advisor relationships with some of the world’s most prominent credit card companies, banks, lenders and service providers for whom he has crafted creative and innovative solutions to challenging industry problems. As Payments practice leader, Eric’s work includes assessing product offerings and market opportunities, creating go-to-market strategies, improving operational productivity, creating partnerships that drive revenue, and increasing customer loyalty and engagement.

Eric brings his broad experience to his teams as a leader but thrives in a collaborative environment where he can share ideas and leverage the strengths and wisdom of his colleagues, preferably with a healthy dose of laughter along the way.

Eric joined West Monroe in 2016 and has been a management consultant for more than 25 years. He has a bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University.

What makes Eric different

Passionate about music, Eric took a year off from college to explore working as a professional musician. Though he values the experience, he's also glad to have gotten it out of his system. He lives with his wife in the same New York suburb where he grew up. In fact, the couple's twin son and daughter attended all of the same schools as he did.

Where Eric makes an impact

Eric, his wife, and their two children are all alumni of Lehigh University, where he leads West Monroe’s recruiting team and is an executive advisor for the Lehigh 1 MBA Program. Among other community activities, Eric has coached 25 youth sports teams and was president of a 1,600-player Little League.

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