David Kuhns

David Kuhns

Director Product Experience & Engineering Lab


David understands and embraces the potential of being fully digital, and he knows what it takes to make that happen. He uses extensive experience across the product lifecycle and agile approaches to build world-class digital products, enabling companies across the globe to reduce costs, increase profitability, and seize competitive advantage. He has facilitated large-scale migrations from legacy software to modern cloud solutions resulting in significant quantifiable improvements to agility and scalability. 

He also has a keen appreciation for a culture that values quality, craftmanship, and people. This has contributed to his impact as a practice leader for various disciplines that are core to building digital businesses—including customer engagement, custom development, analytics and business intelligence, systems integration, and modern workplaces. 

He is in his element when consulting with senior leadership teams – using his background in engineering to usher the use of the right technologies and innovations to help solve business problems, all while keeping things simple.

He joined West Monroe in 2021 through its acquisition of Verys, where he led and grew the Digital Transformation and Salesforce practices. Previously, he held practice director roles with several other consultancies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

What makes David different

He loves all the seasons and activities that Colorado’s mountains offer—from snowboarding in the winter to camping in the spring and wakeboarding and jet skiing in the summer.

He has spent several months in Eastern Europe and India working in, evaluating, and setting up offshore engineering offices.

Where David makes an impact

He has a passion for turning engineering consultants into leaders.

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