Christian Nelson

Christian Nelson

Director Product Experience & Engineering Lab San Francisco


Christian knows that amazing products can only be built when the teams behind them are operating at their very best as a team. That is often easier said than done because of how quickly organizations change and the complexity of human nature.

His decades of technical leadership experience, working with diverse teams and clients, have prepared him well to deliver on this passion. He aims to be a catalyst who amplifies the team through facilitation, and he encourages a wide range of ideas to lift constraints that limit creativity. He also understands that a well-coordinated team spends much more of its time delivering, so it’s important to remove obstacles and help teams find the right amount of process to be productive.

As a leader, he is comfortable shifting focus between strategic and tactical modes to maintain progress toward goals. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get things unstuck and knows how to provide just enough support to teams that are finding their way.

Just as important, he wants to leave a lasting impression on every client engagement. That means helping clients develop healthy product engineering behaviors by working closely with them and their teams. These impressions pay dividends long after the engagement wraps up.

Previously, Christian was vice president of engineering for Carbon Five, which was acquired by West Monroe in December 2021 . For 15 years, he contributed to Carbon Five’s emergence as a product engineering powerhouse. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Virginia Tech.

What makes Christian different

In his spare time, Christian recharges by woodworking, DJing dance music, and playing outdoors with his family. He’s also  an avid backpacker who has spent hundreds of nights camping solo in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California—almost always off trail, far away from anyone and with minimal gear.

Where Christian makes an impact

The combination of Christian’s experience as a technical leader, architect, and engineer plus his experience hiring and building teams is a great combination for any organization that wants to build something awesome and help their teams be the best they can be.

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