Chris Antonius

Chris Antonius

Managing Partner Product Experience & Engineering Lab


Chris knows that business success hinges on delivering high-quality, scalable technology and digital solutions to the market fast and efficiently. That’s why he co-founded Verys in 2012—bringing cutting-edge technology innovation back to the United States and providing large enterprise clients with a compelling alternative to offshoring. As CEO, he guides development of delivery and outsourcing services and an effective client-partnership-driven approach that leverages agile development approaches combined with cloud technology. The result is seven years of consecutive growth and a high-performing organization of more than 210 employees. 

He is passionate about mentoring and growing tomorrow’s tech talent while having fun along the way. He brings a self-deprecating sense of humor to his work and likes to keep the mood light.  

He has spent the majority of his career selling, managing, and delivering large-scale consulting engagements for Fortune 1000 clients. Before co-founding Verys, he was head of media, entertainment, and technology for UST Global. He holds a degree in economics from Santa Clara University.  

What makes Chris different

He likes any and all outdoor activities, but he considers tennis, biking, and skiing to be his favorites. He has skied all over the world—from heli-skiing the Ruby Mountains of Nevada to descending the Mont Blanc glacier in Chamonix. 

Where Chris makes an impact

He is heavily involved in his community, including actively supporting his wife’s philanthropic endeavors on behalf of Orange County schools. He also serves on the board of Nostra, a software platform that advances the performance of professional service companies through data and artificial intelligence.  

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