Bryan Crutchfield

Bryan Crutchfield

Partner Value Creation Private Equity New York


Bryan has unique insight into the needs and interests of private equity investors. That’s because he has invested in and led meteoric growth of two financial consultancies, both of which were sold to private equity investors for more than $2 billion in valuation. Today, he translates this experience and strategic finance expertise to help investment partners seeking greater exposure to burgeoning financial services niche and sector. 

He has held multiple senior leadership roles—including managing partner, chief investment officer, and interim chief revenue officer—with private equity-backed and venture capital-funded financial innovation concepts that addressed increasing demand for solutions that enable the office of the CFO to become a strategic hub of a company. He grew one financial technology consultancy specializing in services to CFOs and finance teams of private equity portfolio companies by twenty times, leading to private equity minority exit. As an original investor, he joined the firm as a managing director to drive strategy formulation and realize growth potential, increasing its workforce from 10 to 200 full-time employees.  

He also developed and drove growth of a nationwide provider of technical and accounting and finance advisory services for private equity-backed offices of the CFO, including authoring a value creation playbook. He also devised a strategic finance vision for serving venture capital and private equity-backed companies seeking to strengthen CFO office capabilities, infrastructure, scale, and impact.  

Bryan earned a degree in business communication from the University of Georgia. 

What makes Bryan different

Bryan has written multiple screenplays. His diverse interests include spending time with family, golf, cooking, surfing, skiing, and music. 

Where Bryan makes an impact

When he’s not creating value for his clients, he serves on the board of a non-profit in Princeton, New Jersey. 


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