Brendan Welch

Brendan Welch

Senior Architect Technology San Francisco

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For today’s strategic and private equity investors, technology will impact value creation. Aligning technology with investment and business objectives is what Brendan does every day. He developed a complex, microservices-based merchandising platform that allows a major online retailer to innovate faster. And as a chief technology officer, he cut cloud expense costs by over 50% by modernizing architecture.  

Years of designing and building systems have instilled him with deep technical, architecture, and software development expertise, including cloud architecture and agile methodologies. He uses this experience to advise buyers with respect to their targets’ technology and translate technical concepts into business implications relevant to achieving investment objectives. For example, will a given platform or R&D organization be able to scale with continued growth? If not, what are the investments required to achieve this outcome? 

He served in various high visibility, lead technical roles with organizations ranging from startups to large enterprises. Before joining West Monroe, he was chief technology officer of Titan Urban Transportation, where he expanded the company’s ridesharing, corporate travel, and shuttle offerings. He holds bachelor’s degrees from Rutgers University.

What makes Brendan different

Brendan enjoys travel and exploration. His various consulting roles have provided the opportunity to live and work in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – broadening his experience and perspectives considerably. Now, he is back in the Bay Area, where he loves to get outside for biking, hiking, camping, and snowboarding.  

He is a former high school and collegiate rower who has competed at the Eastern Sprints and Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta. 

Where Brendan makes an impact

He simply loves working in and with technology. That shows in the degree of enthusiasm, interest, and engagement he brings to his work. He also recognizes the importance of high-performing teams and strives to strengthen any team of which he is a part by contributing his technical knowledge, expertise, and experience.

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