A.J. Meyer

A.J. Meyer

Innovation Fellow Product Experience & Engineering Lab Minneapolis

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A.J. leads teams through the challenge of inventing new ways of working that help clients transform their businesses and behave more like digital start-ups – abandoning old business models and quickly testing new concepts through human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and modern marketing. He is currently leading the development of an initiative that enables collaborative, open-source healthcare innovations.

The key to A.J.’s success is his gift for identifying future trends and connecting the right combination of people to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. In his words: “I love disruption and looking at problems from new angles while keeping humans at the center of it all.”

A.J. joined West Monroe through its acquisition of GoKart Labs, a digital product studio that he co-founded in 2009. A.J. has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

What makes A.J. different

A.J.’s mantra is, “Acquire less, experience more.” He loves learning about and sharing new cooking techniques and crafting beverages. He is an urban and global explorer with Vietnam, New Zealand, Portugal, and Estonia among the many memorable places he has visited. A.J. figured out how to adventure in Australia with exactly $0 in his pocket. Ask him to tell you the story.

Where A.J. makes an impact

A.J. co-invented the peer-to-peer learning platform called Sophia, acquired by Capella Education. Sophia is still a driving force for Capella, serving up low-cost courses for college credit and a pathway to full-degree programs.

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