Krunal Patel

Krunal Patel

Senior Manager Consumer & Industrial Products Minneapolis

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Krunal’s ability to bridge gaps among business stakeholders is one of his keys to delivering management strategies that produce exceptional results. His work enabled an oil and gas brokerage company realize close to $52 million in tax savings through effective intercompany and transfer pricing strategy.

His experience across a wide range of industries helps his clients see the art of the possible. For example, by illustrating the similarities between hospitality supply chain issues and demand forecasting in the luxury fashion sector, his client was able to recognize improvement opportunities.

An effective communicator, he strives to make sure that clients are always involved in discussions around planning, resourcing, and risks. With a firm belief that storytelling leads to more open discussions and better solutions, Krunal likes to share lessons from his previous experiences to help clients understand his perspectives and ideas. 

He joined West Monroe in 2021 from Hitachi Consulting, where he guided clients through acquisitions and business transformation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in international business from the University of Georgia. 

What makes Krunal different

He was born in Manchester, United Kingdom, but his family moved to a small town in rural Georgia when he was nine years old. Away from work, he loves listening to music, watching sports (Go Dawgs!), traveling to any destination with an interesting history, and taking golf lessons. He is learning to converse in Spanish.  

He once came in second place in a national competition that would have landed him in a Coca-Cola commercial. 

Where Krunal makes an impact

He has a passion for teaching others based on his knowledge and experience—and he applies this not only in his work with clients and consulting colleagues, but also in mentoring young startups on forming and growing their organizations. He is very interested in private equity and venture capital, and considers angel investing a hobby. 

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