Telehealth Deployment & Strategy

Introduce new telehealth capabilities in as little as two to four weeks. Then, scale it for future competitive advantage.

Telehealth has played a growing role in care delivery – and has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic as providers strive to continue care while minimizing exposure risk.  

At the start of the pandemic, CMS issued guidance that allowed clinicians to provide a variety of additional services by telehealth. At the same time, restrictions around telehealth visit frequency, out-of-state licensed providers, and supervisory practices were significantly relaxed.  

While it may be essential to stand up telehealth capabilities quickly, the next step is scaling it to last in the long term as healthcare consumers expect increased digital interaction. Telehealth can advance other goals, too, from minimizing emergency department diversion, to caring for patients with travel barriers or special needs, to monitoring patients with chronic conditions, to delivering safe and efficient home care services. 

We know how to make telehealth happen. Our team of healthcare, process, and technology experts collaborate to get your healthcare organization’s telehealth capabilities up and running while building a source of market advantage for the long term.  

Results You Can Expect 

  • Enhance administrative and clinical productivity 

  • Increase new patient acquisition rate 

  • Retain existing patients and increase their satisfaction 

  • Improve health outcomes by enabling timely consultation and treatment 

What We Offer

Establish the right tools

Rapid implementation does not require you to select and implement new software, so we start with what you already know or use. (We can manage selection, too.) If necessary, we can help you employ existing platforms that address provider, payer, and patient needs, while considering factors such as HIPAA and security compliance. We will also integrate telehealth tools with other key clinical systems.  

Design effective new processes

Telehealth is not just about technology. It’s about new ways of working and communicating that are enabled by technology. We help you design the supporting processes – from appointment scheduling to billing and reimbursement – and update policies and procedures, including those that integrate with clinical systems and/or have compliance and privacy requirements.  

Introduce telehealth to your patients and team

Don’t lose valuable time to trial and error. We’ll bring proven project management approaches and skills to keep the project on track for fast introduction. In addition, we provide change experts who can assist with training and communication to make sure providers, patients, staff, and partners are fully prepared to take advantage of new telehealth capabilities.  

Build upon your new capabilities over time

Consider the introduction just that – a beginning. Given a variety of environmental factors, we can expect telehealth to be present and, in fact, grow in importance over time. We will help you develop performance goals, metrics, and reporting tools to monitor performance over time and identify enhancements that respond to the needs of patients, as well as clinical and administrative staff.

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