Smart Field Service for Manufacturers

As manufacturing operations become more digital, the benefits of smart field service operations – including efficiency, differentiation, and customer satisfaction – grow

We help manufacturers navigate the transformation to Industry 4.0 by leveraging their existing data and technology assets to achieve a level of digital maturity that enables smart field service – and, more importantly, achieve bottom-line impact. 

The challenge? Smart field service management requires a level of digital maturity that many manufacturers are struggling to attain. That’s where we come in. 

Here’s the approach many manufacturers take: A technician visits a customer regularly to examine equipment and identify any servicing or maintenance needs. But what if you could predict maintenance needs and only send the technician when it’s necessary? 

By embedding sensors within a product and connecting them to the network, manufacturers can track product performance and health in real time. When performance slips outside of defined thresholds, sensors trigger an alert for service before a failure occurs. The manufacturer orders parts proactively, schedules the best technician for the situation, and alerts the customer about an upcoming service need. 

This is a single example of how smart field service management can transform your capabilities and your manufacturing operations.

Smart field service taps into new revenue streams and a differentiated customer experience. The investment establishes a foundation for manufacturers to turn their product lines into service revenue and transition toward “subscription” or lease-based trade. 

Ultimately, this unlocks consistent, predictable revenue and decreases friction in the customer buying cycle. 

Results You Can Expect

  • 10% - 15% lower manufacturing costs 
  • 5% - 45% lower procurement costs 
  • 5% - 20% lower delivery costs 
  • 5% - 15% lower cost of goods sold
  • 5% - 15% lower inventory cost 

What We Offer

Many look at smart field service management as yet another technology initiative. We look at it differently – as a business value creation opportunity, enabled by technology and data management. We focus on financial value, every step of the way.

Target the potential value of smart field service management

Predictive and prescriptive capabilities are at the heart of smart field service management. Most organizations are able to use data and analytics to understand what is happening or what has happened. Fewer are able to predict what will happen or – better yet – prescribe actions to drive optimal outcomes. 

We’ll take a close look at your current manufacturing operations and data maturity, estimate ROI, and then help you set goals for future smart field service capabilities that support business objectives. Key considerations in this process include cost, return on investment, effort level, probability of success and effectiveness, and timeframe for producing results. 

Design the technical architecture that makes smart field service possible

Technical architecture guides the flow of data among enterprise systems and business applications. Once the right technical architecture is in place, your organization can begin to evolve toward smart field service management solutions that create greater value. Our multidisciplinary team of manufacturing experts, process experts, and technologists will define what that architecture looks like, based on your operations and goals – and the investments required to develop it. 

Our extensive partnerships with device resellers and manufacturers – including devices, device management, data storage/integration, and business intelligence/advanced analytics – helps you balance technology architecture and cost requirements.

Execute smart field service management with an eye toward tangible impact

Our team has orchestrated technical and data management transformation in many consumer and industrial products manufacturing environments. We understand how to keep complex programs on track and how to employ organizational change management to engage diverse stakeholders, ranging from executive leaders to system users.

Build the value

Realizing the potential of smart field service management is a journey. You’ll take progressive steps toward new predictive and prescriptive capabilities, each contributing greater value. We make sure you remain focused on the possibilities – with capabilities and processes for using data from digital manufacturing operations to turn service opportunities into new sources of value.

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